Tuesday, 27th September 2016
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E. Accessibility

  1. Access keys have been set in place for the main PCMD website to aid you in navigation. The global standardised keys are as follows:
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    7 - Complaints Procedure 8 -Terms & Conditions / Disclaimer 9 - Feedback / Contact Form
    0 - Access Keys Information S - Skip Navigation  
  2. Other keys have also been put in place to aid you in the navigation of the main PCMD website:
    A - Alumni B - Soundbites C - PCMD Community
    D - Dental E - Events F - Foundation
    G - Gallery H - Human Resources I - Admissions/International Admissions
    J - Jobs K - Mobile Site L - Student Life
    M - Medical N - News O - Open Days
    P - Postgraduate Q - Request a Prospectus R - Research
    T - Show Footer U - Human Resources V - Governance
    W - Downloads & Links X - Text-Only Site Y - RSS Feeds
    Z - Corporate Guidelines    
  3. To ensure a good viewing experience of this website, it is recommended that you enable JavaScript within your browser. Although disabling JavaScript will have no effect on the content displayed, certain functionalities will be compromised.
  4. This website has been tested and optimised to work with all current major browsers, including:
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  5. Although the website works in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 it is not recommended, as certain features and functions will have been disabled, thus reducing the quality of your web surfing experience.
  6. A mobile version of this site is also available to users of the iPhone, iPod Touch and any mobile device with Opera Mini installed.
  7. Any links to external sites (including systems used within the College) will open in either a new window or a new tab, depending on your browser settings.