Tuesday, 27th September 2016
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C. Media and Scripts

  1. From this point on, ‘media’ will describe images, photos and videos.
  2. All media that we publish are either:
    1. Taken by a member of the PCMD or a member of the public at a PCMD event or an event where we have had permission to take photos
    2. Digitally created by either the WDB team or a member of the PCMD for use within the PCMD
    3. Taken from stock image or stock video sites such as iStockPhoto, Flickr, Stock.xchng or similar
    4. Created by someone outside of the PCMD and used or modified with prior permission
  3. All media created outside of the PCMD has been credited in either:
    1. The body of the website
    2. The ‘alt’ tag of an image
    3. The ‘title’ tag of a hyperlink (or anchor)
    4. The source code of the page (PHP, HTML, JavaScript or CSS)
  4. All content created outside of the PCMD is of an open source, donation-ware, copyleft or a Creative Commons origin.
  5. Where needed, permission has been granted from the original creator of the work.
  6. Creative Commons LicenseThe contents of this website are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 UK: England and Wales licence.
  7. The content of this website may be freely distributed; however content MUST NOT be altered and credit MUST be given to the owner or creator of the content.